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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Organizing Chaos Series 1 - Digital Paintings

The inspiration for this series of paintings is more internal . The Creation of the Universe and Earth and all things on it was the inspiration for this set of referential abstractions. Working intuitively, many of the works are constructed of circular, parabolic, and wave elements to address a theme inside the broader theme of creation. These works do not address any theology or scientific ideology, rather they are intuitive responses to meditating on the essence of emerging reality from formlessness.


Creation of Time

Creation of Universe

Birth of Planets

Sea of Life

Earth Surfacing

Morphic Resonance



Creation of Atmosphere
All these paintings were created using a painting software, with simulated brushes and media such as watercolour, pencil, ink, acrylic, and oils. In essence digital painting is painting with light. The beauty of digital painting lies in the ability to layer acrylic and watercolour effects over oil, the ability to combine media not traditionally combined and a controlled drying time. The images are then output on a giclee printing system to create an archival canvas print that museum grade and is now a preferred and accepted medium to produce fine art images.

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